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Kite Surfing Safaris

Ras Sidr ~Ilih-shey-ya ~ Ash-showra’ ~ Nabq

Any Number of Days

Minimum of 4 People

Bedouin History Desert Safari can provide all your camping and safari needs for a kite surfing adventure, Bedouin-style!

Prices above include:


   By jeep from Dahab to Blue Hole, then by camel to Ras Abu Galum, and by jeep to Ilih-shey-ya


 By jeep from Bir Sgheyr to Ilih-shey-ya


 Huts or Tents

Fresh Water Showers



 Open buffet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

All meals cooked on open fire

Bedouin tea, hot drinks, and cold drinks (water and juice) available all day

For safaris in Ilih-shey-ya (Lagoona, Ras Abu Galum - north of Dahab)

€  50 per person on departure/arrival days

€  40 per person on all other days

Rescue Boat Service

LE 200 per day

Free for groups of 10 or more persons

Transportation by Landcruiser is available, for 1 - 7 people, direct from Sharm el Sheikh airport to the Lagoona, for € 150.

From Dahab direct to the Lagoona in a Landcruiser costs € 100.

Contact us for details and prices of kite surfing safaris in other locations.