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You can arrange for desert safaris ranging from one night to two weeks. Depending on the length of safari and the destination, travel is your choice of camel, trekking, or jeep, or a combination.

While on safari, you may sleep under the stars, a tent, or in a traditional Bedouin “beyt el shar” or “house of hair”.

Your Thoughts...

I have had so many great safari's and excursions with you Steady Eddy my dear old friend and a ton of fantastic memories and photos. So to anyone reading this webpage who is thinking of going on a safari with these guys I have just one thing to say - GO! It will be one of the very best experiences of your life & you will remember it forever; great food, the best Bedouin guides, great company and truly magnificent scenery that is way beyond beautiful.  You wont regret it and will probably book another trip as soon as your first one finishes.

Katia, U.K.

I have travelled extensively with Eid on our trips to explore the Bedouin dialects of Sinai. I can only highly, very highly recommend Eid. He is a great travelling companion and an excellent safari guide; he knows everybody everywhere in Sinai. And when I look at this web page, God, I wish I could be there much more often. Sinai is the place to come to for inspiration, relaxation and adventure. I’ll be back soon…

Rudolf de Jung, Netherlands


Kite Surfing Safari - Any Number of Days

6 Day Gunna Mountain Trip - Hiking/Camel Safari

7 Day Trekking Safari: St. Katherine’s to Sharm el Sheikh

5 Day Spring Pasture Trekking Safari   

Trekking Trekking - Camel Jeep Others

5 Day Trans-Sinai Safari by Jeep: Ras Sudr to Nuweiba

Overnight Trip from Ras Sidr to St. Katherine’s

Day Trip from Ras Sidr to Maleegha Oasis

Eid prepares all your meals on a campfire, including freshly baked bread.

Click on one of the safari itineraries below or contact Eid and he will help you plan your dream safari.

Prices are always inclusive of transport, food, and water. To keep the price per person reasonable, it is best to have at least four people in a group.

3 Day Safari to the Annual Camel Race in Wadi Zalaga